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Less than 500 Orders per Month500 - 999 Orders per Month1000+ Orders per Month
Setup Systems integration, initial inventory, trainingFREEFREEFREE
Management Management system and account management£199.99 per month£199.99 per month£199.99 per month
Storage Clean, dry, efficient and secure storage in the United Kingdom.£18.00 per pallet per month£18.00 per pallet per month£18.00 per pallet per month
Goods In Unpacking, visual inspection and inventory update£5.00 per order+ 10p per item£5.00 per order+ 10p per item£5.00 per order+ 10p per item
Pick & Pack Order pick & pick including standard packaging£1.50 per order + 20p per item£1.30 per order + 15p per item£1.10 per order + 10p per item
Returns Visual inspection, inventory update or scrappage£1.50 per return£1.50 per return£1.50 per return

Competitive Shipping Rates

SafeShip have accounts with over 9 carriers and offer a wide range of shipping options that can be tailored for your ecommerce business. SafeShip also benefit from volume discounts which means we are able to offer incredibly competitive rates. Download latest shipping rates

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